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V-Day Do’s and Dont’s


It’s that time of year again ladies, the time all the single girls dread and all the taken girls look forward to.  No matter what your relationship status is, we all can’t help but feel utterly annoyed when we see the Instagrams and tweets about the cheesy things boyfriends do.  Don’t get us wrong, celebrating Valentine’s Day with your special someone can be perfectly romantic, but there is a fine line between a dreamy day with your boyfriend and a cheesy, overdone date that should not be crossed.  Here are some do’s and don’ts to ensure your day stays classy without making others want to vomit.


Fancy Dinner Date

Fancy dinners are always a go-to, and rightfully so.  There is something romantic and exciting about getting dressed up and spending time to look nice for a date.  You’ll feel sexy and powerful while wearing your best dress and heels.  This is a perfectly good way to spend your Valentine’s Day night with your Valentine.  A little wine after dinner never hurts either.


Roses compliment any occasion, especially one that is all about the color red.

Get him a card

Cards seem like such a small thing, but they actually can be even more significant than a present.  DO NOT get a long card about how much he means to you and blah blah blah; he won’t read it.  What he will read is something you write.  Get a funny, short card and write him a thoughtful note on the inside.  Tell him the things you wish you said more often, or the things you love about him.  It’s a thoughtful way to show him how much you care without overdoing it.

Splurge on yourself

If you don’t have a special guy to celebrate V-day with then go out and buy yourself some chocolate.  Just because you don’t have someone to buy candy for you, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to throw that diet out the window for the day and satisfy that sweet tooth.


Avoid heart shaped anything

We get it, the first Valentine’s Day with a new boy usually results in some heart shaped chocolate and maybe a teddy bear if he’s really cliché.  The only problem is, that stopped being acceptable after the age of 16.  Going to the local CVS or Walmart and picking something off the over-stocked shelf in the Valentine’s Day aisle is the farthest thing from romantic. 

Overdo it with gifts (unless its Tiffany)

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be another Christmas.  You do not need to splurge and get him the expensive cologne he wears or the new jacket he has wanted.  A fancy dinner and some good sex is all Valentine’s day calls for.  The one exception is Tiffany.  Every girl loves Tiffany.

Go to a movie

A movie is the classic after-dinner date, especially on Valentine’s Day.  Stray away from this boring tradition and mix things up.  Whether you decide to go somewhere else or just stay in on the couch with some wine, make sure you’re spending time together.  You will both have a much better time getting a little tipsy and laughing all night than sitting in a dark theatre where you can’t even talk to each other. 

Complain about your love life

Sure, some of us will be spending this Valentine’s Day single dreaming of the perfect date with the perfect guy, but you complaining about it on social media is not going to change anything (except make others hate you even more than they already do).  Countless “I’m going to wear black on Valentine’s Day” and “getting drunk alone” tweets will surely be posted, but quite frankly it makes girls look pathetic.  If you want to go out on V-Day, get dressed up, call the girls, and go get some drinks.  You will look way more attractive to a man if you can show you don’t NEED a man.

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