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True Life: I’m Addicted to Leggings

I am well aware that I have a problem. My closet contains over fifteen pairs of leggings, and I am not ashamed to admit it. My peers constantly question me, “Why are you always wearing leggings?” My answer is quite simple: because leggings are comfy and can be styled with any outfit. It is a rare sight that I am seen sporting jeans, or any other pant for that matter. Unlike those other types of pants, leggings are always there for me when times are tough. When I wake up late and am rushing to my 8am, I need to throw on an outfit and fast! Perhaps I know what shirt I want to wear, but then I come to a road block. What pants go with this shirt? Then I remember the many pairs of classic black leggings that I own. In crisis situations such as this, leggings have saved me from being tardy to class. Leggings also give more freedom to move. As a dancer, I need to always be prepared to dance in any situation and leggings can help make that possible. For example, if one of my friends wants me to teach them how to do a split, if I have my stretchy leggings on, I can easily complete the task. I also loathe doing my laundry. I always have a lot of laundry to do because I am constantly changing outfits. With leggings in my life, I can easily transition my outfits from daytime to nighttime looks. I can leave the leggings on and just change the shirt to match the occasion. Even with all of these reasons as to why I love leggings, there are still far too many people uneducated on the magical powers leggings possess. Ladies, if you ever feel as though you are being judged for wearing leggings every day, stay strong. Just because other people choose to ignore the wonders of leggings doesn’t mean you have to abandon this way of life. I did not choose the legging life, the legging life chose me. And always remember, when others are not there for you, leggings always will be.

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