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Transformation Tuesday: Grammy’s Edition

We all make fashion mistakes, but luckily the only one who documents them are our parents and yearbooks.  Celebs, on the other hand, are subjected to their fashion faux-pas for eternity.  Come join us as we travel down memory lane to revisit the ghosts of Grammy’s past.



Thank god her style has reached the other side (and look at all those wins!)

Lady Gaga:

We guess she really came out of her shell this year

Justin Bieber:

It almost hurts to see how much puberty has helped him

Jessie J:

Love her dedication to wearing all black, and this year she’s even more elegant.

Miranda Lambert:

Proof that a gown is not necessarily more elegant than a perfect LBD.


She literally looked better when she was pregnant.  Side boob is not cute.

Taylor Swift:


There is a special place in our hearts for young T-Swizzle, but respect her growing into a modern woman.

Carrie Underwood:

Carrie truly knows how to dress to impress without being over the top.


Finally someone got the memo that the Grammy’s are a a pretty big deal.


From Indiana Jones, to some weird alien grandma, Pharrell proves that transformations aren’t always good