Top 5 Beauty YouTubers

The beauty community on YouTube has been going through some difficult times recently but let us look at the bright side. Throughout all the tea, these top beauty vloggers have been killing it. If you need some tips or just want to get into the beauty community on YouTube, you can start with these queens!

  1. 1. Tati Westbrook

    Tati Westbrook is actual royalty in the beauty community. After being on YouTube for almost 10 years now, Tati has accumulated over 5.5 million subscribers. She has also launched an all-natural brand called Halo Beauty. Tati posts videos almost everyday of the week and is the queen of reviewing products. Our favorite thing about Tati is that she accepts limited sponsorships and does not allow the idea of PR to influence her opinions when testing out new products. Although many brands hate this, viewers and other influencers love this about Tati. Her genuine character attributes to most of her success.

  2. 2. Jackie Aina

    It’s ya girl Jackie-O! We love a sister who advocates for African-American visibility in the cosmetic industry. Brands respect Jackie’s opinion because she is one of the most transparent beauty YouTuber’s out there. One of her most successful collaborations was with Too Faced when she launched an extension for their foundation and concealer line. She formulated more shades in the dark and deep-dark ranges that provided a shade for people of all different undertones. We commend the way she uses her platform to make a difference in the beauty industry.

  3. 3. Desi Perkins

    Our Latina Princess, Desi Perkins, is still serving us looks. With her studio quality set-up, it is no wonder she averages 1.1 million views per video. Some of Desi’s most popular looks consist of her Halloween and everyday glam. She recently received a lot of popularity from her Safari trip which resulted in an hour-long YouTube video. Herself and her best friend, Katy aka Lustrelux, have been killing the beauty vlogger game together for years on end. Not only does the pair have a famous collaboration with Dose of Colors, but Desi herself has a famous brow kit with Benefit. No one can stop this queen!

  4. 4. Jeffree Star

    We love a scandalous queen. Everyone has their own story, and Jeffree Star’s is definitely a unique one. After a successful documentary series with Shane Dawson, the world came to realize the method behind the madness that is Jeffree Star. Although he is not everyone’s cup of tea, his hard work and success on YouTube cannot be overlooked. Jeffree Star has built a massive makeup empire through his social media platform, and his unique personality grabs the attention of his millions of viewers. He recently launched his new “Blue Blood” collection and a range of concealers and powders. Let’s just say he is on fire!

  5. 5. Nikki Tutorials

    Last, but certainly not least, the actual queen of makeup tutorials! Whether it’s creating a new makeup challenge or having the most famous celebrities featured on her channel, Nikki Tutorials is always killing it with her content. Nikki currently has over one billion views and almost 12 million subscribers. The Dutch beauty queen is only 25 years old and already killing the game from across the globe. After her famous “Power of Makeup” video, which went viral, Nikki has received more positive feedback from her viewers. She truly has a kind heart.

There are plenty of successful beauty YouTubers we love, and these are just a few of our favorite queens that we had to pay tribute to. Not only have their followings and quality improved over the years, but so has the messages behind their channels. All five of these stars have used their platform to spread positivity or awareness on certain topics which is most important. We love supporting people we know have a great heart, and that’s the real beauty of these queens!