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  1. Carrot cupcakes
    • What is not to love about anything carrot flavor! So good, an absolute favorite
  2. Apple fitters
    • These are just AMAZING! The icing is honestly the best part
  3. Pillsbury Sugar Cookies – pumpkin
    • Sugar cookies are so good, and these make for a great movie night!
  4. Pumpkin spice cupcakes
    • Anything pumpkin is good, and these are no exception
  5. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread
    • Chocolate and Pumpkin together, just too good!
  6. Frosted sugar cookies
    • Yes, these are a love or hate item, but honestly they are good in our opinion
  7. Pumpkin pie
    • Again, pumpkin is just too good
  8. Apple cider donuts
    • These are good, but the sugar throws off the taste for certain people
  9. Apple pie
    • It’s good, but not something that we would want as a dessert if we can pick from all these other options
  10. Caramel Apples
    • These are okay, but too sweet for certain people
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