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Tinder: Collegiette Thoughts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Ah, Tinder. What a lovely little app the technology world has blessed us with. 

Tinder has been the top “meet up/hook up?” app (it’s a weird app to try and categorize). Of course there’s Bumble, among many others, but none can compare to the OG swiping phenomenon.

Do you have a Tinder? If so, here’s an inside look on some collegiette’s guide to Tinder!


HC: What is an automatic “NO” when swiping through profiles?

Bryant Senior 1: If I can’t see your face!

Bryant Senior 2: When there’s no actual photos, or just photos of cars, when I know they’re probably not a transformer. 

Bryant Sophomore 1: Cigs, Stating height (ex. 6’2″), lack of fashion sense, shirtless photos and photos in the gym.

Bryant Sophomore 2: Picture with fish, their car, or just a car in general.


HC: What pictures do you think are the most attractive?

Bryant Senior 1: Anything showing what you like to do for fun, whether it’s outdoorsy stuff or going out with friends.

Bryant Senior 2: When they’re with friends or doing something that they enjoy. Mirror pics or selfies are not cute at all. 

Bryant Sophomore 1: Photos with his dog, nice smile, and attractive facial features.

Bryant Sophomore 2: Pictures of the person in nature.

HC: What are your thoughts on photos of JUST their dog or car?

Bryant Senior 1: Kind of weird, like I get it, you love your 2007 Honda, but I’m more interested in you.

Bryant Senior 2: Weird – I don’t like car photos at all but if you only have a photo of your dog and not you holding it or playing with it, it’s a little weird. 

Bryant Sophomore 1: I’m fine with photos of just their dog, but their car not attractive.

Bryant Sophomore 2: Guys think we would be more attracted to them because they have a cool car or a dog but most of the time it just makes them seem like a tool.


HC: What kind of bios are you into?

Bryant Senior 1: Funny ones for sure, but I also want to know where you go to school and stuff.

Bryant Senior 2: I like funny bios, or like no bios.  

Bryant Sophomore 1: Funny, comedic ones!

Bryant Sophomore 2: Anything that makes me laugh.


HC: If a guy messages you, what reason will you not message them back?

Bryant Senior 1: There’s a fine line between funny and downright gross, you can make me laugh without being over the top.

Bryant Senior 2: If they’re too forward, I usually am alarmed. I also sometimes am just too busy with school to message anyone back. 

Bryant Sophomore 1: If he’s creepy or if accidently swiped right.

Bryant Sophomore 2: I don’t remember swiping right on them or whatever they sent is just too cringe-worthy.


HC: What pickup lines are you tired of hearing?

Bryant Senior 1: Anything like super specific to my pictures, like one guy asked if it was hard to walk in a pair of shoes that I was wearing in a picture, another asked where exactly I was in another picture, super weird.

Bryant Senior 2: None in particular, I think pick-up lines are pretty funny. I get bored when there’s 10 guys who all start a conversation off withheyyyyy *winky face*” 

Bryant Sophomore 1: “Send nudes” and “On a scale of one to America how free are you tonight?”

Bryant Sophomore 2: Sexual ones.

HC: What’s the best pickup line someone has used on you?

Bryant Senior 2:What books have you read more than once? Because you look like the type of girl who likes to keep going after you’ve finished.”

Bryant Sophomore 1: “Want to play titanic? I’ll be the iceberg and you go down”

Bryant Sophomore 2: “Diving into your DM’s” with a gif of a failed dive.


HC: Do you actively use Tinder?

Bryant Senior 1: I go through phases, so sometimes it’s all I do for three days, and then I won’t even open it for weeks.

Bryant Senior 2: Yes, I’m actually on it all the time, I just find it funny.

Bryant Sophomore 1: No.

Bryant Sophomore 2: Not really.


HC: Do you typically give guys your Snapchat or number?

Bryant Senior 1: No not at all. Sometimes if we have mutual friends, and they say that he’s not too weird or something, but you have to be careful with that.

Bryant Senior 2: I’m more likely to give a guy my Snapchat. I almost never give my number out to guys!

Bryant Sophomore 1: Typically, my snap but rarely my number.

Bryant Sophomore 2: Snapchat before number.


HC: What is your usual plan of action if you see someone you matched with in public?

Bryant Senior 1: Ignore ignore ignore! Unless we are previously friends or something that you can make a joke out of. 

Bryant Senior 2: I usually will just say hi or smile, but only if we have messaged each other before. If they approach me, I will just keep it casual.

Bryant Sophomore 1: If they’re average looking I’ll avoid them. But if they’re super attractive, I might shoot my shot.

Bryant Sophomore 2: If I’ve talked to them and they approach me I’ll talk to them but if we’ve only matched I wouldn’t do anything. Basically I won’t take any action unless the other person does first.


We hope some of our thoughts on Tinder and some of our experiences with the app remind you that having funny or weird Tinder encounters is normal! Whether you use it for purely trying to find hookups, a potential significant other, or just for fun, people utilize Tinder in their own way!

Keep swiping, ladies!

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