Times It's Okay to Text Him First, and Times It's Not

The collegiette’s ultimate guide to texting etiquette when trying to get that cute boy from math class; yes, it is most definitely a talent every girl needs to know.

It’s okay if…

1.   You have a timely concern

This is a given, don’t feel bad if it includes and double (or triple, or quadruple…) text!

2.   You’re mad about something and want to bring it up

Avoiding the situation and being passive aggressive is immature. If you have a problem, let him know.

3.   You just got in a fight and you need to apologize

Be the bigger person and apologize, especially if you really are wrong.

4.  You’re dating

Blow his phone up if you feel the need to! He signed up for the good, the bad, and the crazy; no shame in texting him a million times.

It’s NOT okay if…

1.  You’re drunk

Nothing good comes from drunk texts. If you really can’t help it, have someone hold your phone or delete his number for the night.

2.   You just hooked up

Let him sweat it out! If he cares he’ll definitely be hitting you up soon.

3.   You just got in a fight and you’re right

Stand your ground! If you just put in the effort to fight, don’t give in and text him first.

4.   You caught him playing games

You don’t deserve that. If you see him blatantly being sketchy, cut him off and let him wonder where you went. Feel free to post a snap story or two of you having tons of fun to really get his mind racing.

5.   You’re playing hard to get

If you choose this route, you have to stick to it 100%; no cheating. No matter how much you want to text him, don’t! Let him come to you.

6.   He just opened your snap 30 seconds ago

Opens your snap but doesn’t text you? We all know how much this one sucks, but stop waiting for him to open it so you know he’s on his phone. If he wanted to text you, he will; don’t be that sketch that texts him the second you know he’s on his phone.

7.   You texted him “hey” yesterday and he didn’t answer

Don’t be THAT girl. Enough said.