Throwing Together A Last Minute "Gatsby-esque" Outfit

As senior night is just hours away, many from the Class of 2014 are scrambling to find a Gatsby outfit.  Fishnets? A feather? Anyone have a headband?  WHERE ARE MY PEARLS?  Yes, these thoughts are all scrambling through our heads but there's no reason to fret because in just a few simple steps you can throw together an entire Gatsby outfit with or without the "essentials".

TightsThere is no need to freak if you cannot find the perfect pair of fishnets.  Any pair of tights will do- or no tights if your legs have seen daylight.  Now, while we definitely recommend black tights, we also think a pair of tan will do just fine!

HairCurls, curls, curls, and more curls.  If you cannot find the perfectly shaped feather or sparkly headband, curl up your hair nice and tight to your head.  We love the tight curls but the short wave also gives the perfect Gatsby look.  We all know that there are all kinds of love in the world but never the same love twice, so go beyond what you typically do with your hair and do something you would never have done before!

AccessoriesNothing screams Gatsby like a long skinny black cigarette. DIY? Grab two straws from the Roto cafe, Library cafe, or the Fisher Center. Tape them together and color them black!

Outfit Now we all don't have a fringy dress but as girls we probably have  a bit of sequins, glitter, and sparkle in our closet.  Throw together a skirt, a sparkly top, your curled hair, long black fake cigarette, and black tights.  Were you a "Gatsby" girl for halloween?  Can't repeat the past? Why, of course you can.

Enjoy your night senior collegiettes-and be safe!