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Thomas Keenan

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Name: Thomas Keenan
Graduation Year: 2015
Major: Undeclared Business
Hometown: Swampscott, MA
On-Campus Activities: Singing out the windows of suite 310 -Hall 12 and Pond jumping
Interests: Hanging with friends, flag football enthusiast, karaoke connoisseur

The Details

Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Loud, Unsystematic and Seductive
Dream Job: Is Walmart hiring? I want to hand out stickers
Choice Superpower: Telekinesis
Pet Peeves: When the perforations aren’t ripped off notebook paper
Bucket List: Streaking at a sporting event
Bryant Bucket List: Taking a bath in the Inferfaith Center tub
Random Fact: I still don’t have my driver’s license (Ladies my mom will drive us on dates)


Favorite Thing About Bryant: My friends
Favorite Place in the World: Seattle, Washington…. I used to live there
Favorite Food: Scallops wrapped in Bacon
#1 Most-Played Song on Your iPod: With You by Jessica Simpson


Dream Girl: Marge from Salmo
Perfect Date: Easy, dinner with Mom
Turn-Ons: Girls who can make me laugh
Turn-Offs: Girls who like Matt Crowley
Feelings on girls who approach guys: It’s awesome, confidence is always good