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Things We Should (But Won’t) Give Up For Lent

Lent has officially approached. During this time we are supposed to drastically give something up for 40 days. 40 days without pizza sounds like a death sentence, but there are a few things far worse, that maybe… just maybe we should have given up.

1) Drinking- Giving our livers a break for 40 days probably would have been a good idea. 

2) French Fries- With spring break approaching, the loss of French fries in our diets would have really paid off in those new Triangl bathing suits on the beach. 

3) Social Media- A break from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is good for the soul every once in a while. 

4) Instagram Filters- Maybe we should all try being true to our followers for 40 days, and being confident in ourselves without a filter. 

5) Netflix- Yes, we know… can you believe we’re actually saying this? Honestly we can’t either. But we all know deep inside we should probably take a break from watching 7 episodes of “Friends” a day

6) Coffee- A good night’s sleep and living a healthy lifestyle can replace this caffeine filled drink quite simply.

7) Last but not least, the most beloved of them all. The one thing we never want to live without but really should, at least for a little while…. PIZZA…*insert depressing music here*

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