Things We Forget to Thank Our Older Sisters for, as Told By "Sisters"

Being the younger sister may have its downsides sometimes, but we love our older sisters (no matter how much we try to deny it).

1)      Thank you for roughing us up

We wouldn’t be nearly as strong as we are today without your weekly wrestling over what show to watch, or our oh-so common tug-of-wars over clothes. You taught us to not take life so seriously, how to defend ourselves in a verbal fight, and how to throw a good punch or two.

2)      Thank you for teaching us how to be the favorite

Your mess ups taught us exactly what not to do, and every time you were in trouble we were able to slide right in as the angel child. We look up to your successes, but learn some great tricks from your fails; don’t worry though, you’re still daddy’s favorite.

3)      Thank you for pushing us

Little sisters are always known as “oh you’re HER sister?!”, so we obviously have some big shoes to fill. Thank you for making us want to be the smarter one, the prettier one, the better one; without you to try to beat, we would never be half the person we are today (even if you are still better).

4)      Thank you for being our second mom

You take our sides in arguments, you let us crash at your place, you keep us in check with our grades, and you yell at us for driving too fast. You may always be on our cases, but we're so lucky to have you as our second mom.

5)      Thank you for always being our crying shoulder

At the end of the day, no matter how annoying we may be, you’re always our go-to. You congratulate our highs, you pick us up from our lows; you always have our backs and we can’t thank you enough for that. We're so lucky to have our best friend and sister all in one.

We know we may not tell you enough, but we love you endlessly.