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Things to Look Forward to this Fall at Bryant



Around the World

Ah, Around the World. It is the event that gets everyone at Bryant through the first week of classes. If you are not aware of what Around the World is, it is when one section of the Townhouses opens their houses on Friday (the opposite block will have their houses open on Saturday), and each house has a theme and a shot they will pour into your mouth, (which will be done in many interesting ways). It is definitely a great way to de-stress from classes that have just started.


The “Org Fair”

The Organization Fair at Bryant is honestly very fun. All the clubs on campus set up tables on the lawn outside Fisher to try and recruit some ‘newbies’ for the upcoming year. It is the easiest way to see what Bryant has to offer (which can be an overwhelming amount), and potentially allow you to become a member of some really cool clubs and organizations!


Catalina Wine Mixer

Break out your Lilly Pulitzer, ladies (or your knock-offs…those are just as good), it’s the Catalina Wine Mixer! It is really just a day where everyone over dresses for a darty and brings their favorite tumbler cup down to the townhouses filled to the brim with wine. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it.


September 21st

Okay, so if you haven’t been living under a rock all your life, you know that ‘September’ by Earth, Wind, and Fire is the anthem to basically everyone’s life. Ultimately, we must celebrate what these musical geniuses have blessed us with which is a non-recognized holiday by most, but to Bryant students it’s really a night to have some fun and scream the lyrics: “BA DE YA, DANCIN’ IN SEPTEMBER”


Homecoming Weekend

Alright, if you don’t expect to make it to any football games this season, you better make the exception to at least make it to the one on Homecoming weekend. This weekend is full of fun, friends, and football. The tailgate is more exiting and bustling than usual, and everyone is out to support the Bulldogs. On Friday night, there is a bonfire in the pond hosted by President Machtley that is always a good start to evening plans.  It’s a great way to ring in the new academic year and get excited for what’s to come for Bryant students.



Halloween is probably the best weekend at any school. The process of coordinating costumes and making spooky plans with your friends is all part of the fun when it comes to Halloween. No matter what your plans end up being, just be prepared to go out on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (at least), and maybe Sunday if you’re feeling up to it. No one should let this weekend go to waste.


Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness is the kick-off to Winter sports and is also a Pep Rally. It gets everyone excited and pumped up to be a Bulldog for another year. Each athlete from the Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Swimming and Diving, and Track and Field are called into the middle of the gym and usually do an awkward dance move. It doesn’t’t sound like much, but it’s funny, fun, and you get a free t-shirt…and who doesn’t’t like free things?


Thanksgiving at Salmo

If you’re an upperclassman you know that the Thanksgiving dinner at Salmo is the only somewhat acceptable meal during the course of the year. It makes everyone really excited for Thanksgiving Break and going home to family and friends. Also, the turkey and other Thanksgiving foods don’t hurt, either.


Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights is such an awesome way to kick off the holiday season. Seeing the Roto light up with candles is so beautiful and a great Bryant experience. The lighting of the tree outside Fisher is also really fun (especially when you get to sing Christmas carols with the one and only, Ron Machtley). This year’s Festival of Lights will be the 45th year at Bryant, so make sure you can make it! It’s really something you won’t want to miss.


The Frozen Pond

There really isn’t anything too spectacular about the pond freezing. However, people always find it necessary to throw fruit from Salmo onto the pond when it’s frozen. This phenomenon started for an unbeknownst reason, and the fruit sitting on the ice for months and months and later being covered by snow really just adds to Bryant’s beauty…just kidding, it’s honestly gross, but it’s just one of those Bryant things.

Although “syllabus week” is a lie and classes are in full swing, hopefully this list of things will help you push through and get excited for the rest of the semester!

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