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Ten Guys You’ll Find On Tinder

If you reside on a college campus, there’s a chance you have a tinder account. Whether you’re looking for a quick fling or something a little longer, Tinder is there to help. The guys on there are all different, however there are always 10 types of guys that are known to frequent tinder. We are here to help you decode these boys and hopefully there will be a match.


1. The boy holding a fish

Apparently this screams, “I’m masculine”. Almost every guy has a photo of himself holding a fish.


2. The boy with a dog

Girls love dogs. So I’m not surprise that these types of boys are common on tinder. If he’s holding a dog, beside a dog, or even posts photo’s of his dog on his profile, you should swipe right.


3. The one who only has group photos

Is it the one on the right? No maybe the left? Perhaps he’s in the middle. If you post only group photos and no pictures of yourself, how in the world are you going to find out who “Mike” is? I suggest swiping right and hoping for the best.


4. The one who is way too direct

Maybe he gets right to the point and asks if you want to hook up before he even says hello. These thristballs are pretty common, beware of them.


5. The Dream Boy

Finding the dream boy on tinder is rare. If we had to describe him, he’d be the 11th McNugget when you actually ordered 10 McNuggets. The dream boy is one who fits your standards, is a decent human being, and is never way too direct with what he wants. However, there is a con, this boy is keeper material. Try to make him yours at all costs


6. The one who cannot flirt for the life of him

Basic and barely funny pick up lines aren’t going to win us over. If you ask “On a scale of one to America, how free are you tonight?” you’ll probably get unmatched.


7. The catfish

If he looks like one of those Instagram models, ladies, chances are he’s a catfish.


8. The one who can’t take a hint

This boy is the one that gets possessive quickly. He will get angry when you don’t reply to his messages. AVOID at all costs.



You’ll know the “WHAT THE HECK” guy when you see him. He is a straight up creep. Avoid AVOID! AVOID!


10. The “That’s my sister”

This guy is quote often to spot, if he has photos with numerous girls who look different than him chances are that’s not his sister.

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