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Sukki Yoon (Professor)

Name:  Sukki Yoon
Hometown: Seoul, Korea    
Alma Matter: University of Illinois
Teaching at Bryant Since: 2007
Subjects: Marketing
Campus Involvements: Bryant Marketing Association (Past), Institutional Review Board

The Details
Describe Yourself in 3 Words:  Funny, Spontaneous, Forgetful
Any Secret Talents? I can juggle
Dream Job: Associate Professor at Bryant University
Pet Peeves: A kimchi jar left uncapped, Nathan—older son—quietly (but noticeably) whining for Nintendo Wii
Bucket List: Not yet

Favorite Thing About Bryant: Lovely students, lovely colleagues (other professors)
Favorite Place in the World: Sedona, AZ 
Favorite Food: Samgyeopsal (Korean-style bacon barbeque)
#1 Most Played Song on Your iPod: The Black Parade (My Chemical Romance)
Favorite Advertisement of All Time: Think Small


Dream Vacation: Road Trip USA with my family (who can’t stand a car ride longer than an hour)
Best Quote From a Student: Don’t remember (this is not a quote)
Perfect Day in 7 Words: “Leave me alone I’m taking a nap”

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