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Staple Items for a Girl’s Fall Wardrobe

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Recently, Her Campus came together to talk about some of our favorite staple items that everyone must have in their closet! These items will cover you from class time to going out at night!


1. Booties!

Booties are the perfect staple item to have in your closet. You can dress them up or down! Want to look nice going to class? Booties! Want to spice up your going out outfit? You guessed it, booties.


2. Jean Jacket

A jean jacket is a must-have if you are in college. You can wear them with almost anything!

3. Gold Hoops

Gold hoops are a perfect staple piece (and our secret favorite). You can make any outfit look great when you are wearing gold hoops.


4. Bodysuits

Every girl needs to get their hands on a bodysuit! They are so flattering and look great on everyone!!

5. Nike Shorts

These shorts are amazing for working out or if you just want to wear shorts to class. They are so comfy, we promise!


6. Black Leggings

We love a good pair of black leggings. They can be worn for working out, going to class, or hanging out in your dorm room.

We recommend that you check out 90 Degree by Reflex and Yogalicious. These are our favorite pairs because they feel like Lululemon’s but we didn’t break the bank. You can find them online or at a local TJ Maxx or Marshalls.


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