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Stages of Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

St. Patrick’s Day is the ultimate college holiday. Not that we need an excuse to go out with our friends, but St. Patrick’s Day gives everyone a reason to go all out. Now that you’ve picked out an amazing outfit and planned your bar crawl route, you’re ready to go out! Chances are, this is exactly how your night will go:

You get ready to show your festiveness 

You and your girls hit the bar 

You drink something unnaturally green 

Everyone thinks they’re Irish (or will tell you about their great-great-great grandma who was definitely from Ireland) 

Some random will demand that you kiss them 

Someone does a terrible drunk Irish accent 

One of your friends drinks way more than they intended and becomes the life of the party

So you end up babysitting them  

The next morning you look in the mirror

But you can’t wait for next year 

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