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The Stages of Business School, as Told By “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Everyone here at Her Campus Bryant could agree that attending a business orientated university definitely has its perks and its hardships. The Wolf of Wall Street, which is basically every business student’s bible, without a doubt properly demonstrates each stage of the business school process. Oh, and having Leonardo DiCaprio play Jordan Belfort (aka the business god) doesn’t hurt!

Stage 1

During the first few months of school, especially for freshmen, it can be weird seeing all of these people in business attire quite often. But we ladies don’t mind seeing some fine looking gentlemen in suits on the daily.

Stage 2

“If I take all 8 AMs and 9 AMs I’ll be done with class by noon every day!” No. That is never a good idea. You will always regret it. Always.

Stage 3

Realizing that there are group projects upon group projects in every single class. This may be a perfect time to start playing “All in This Together” from High School Musical in the distance, but being the person to always set up the meetings and do all the work is never fun. When beginning a group project, it’s time to get down to business.

Stage 4

When the pressure of all these group projects and assignments finally starts setting in, we may say things we don’t really mean (or we do mean it, but we are too nice to say it rationally). So, hit ‘em where it hurts: their business dress. Side note: be sure to apologize after the group gets an A. Again, we’re “All in this Together”!

Stage 5

Realizing that a huge business pitch or the dreaded GFOB business plan is due. This is a miserable time for everyone who must endure it. Biting nails, losing sleep, restlessness, mood swings, and breakdowns — it’s all a part of the business school experience (but trust us, collegiettes, the hard work will be worth it)!  

Stage 6

After stress has completely taken over your life, it’s time to finally show business school who is boss. Presentations may not get easier, but by this point it doesn’t seem to matter. Stage fright may not even cross your mind anymore. Everyone in the group project is in the same boat and on the same level of “done-ness”. Although it may seem like this, who knows, maybe you are actually getting the hang of this whole business thing.

Stage 7

You and your group members finally realize that since we are “All in this Together” and will most likely spend hours on end with each other, we should probably become good friends.

Stage 8

And when you all walk out of there with that A, or successfully networked yourself, or maybe have even been given a business deal, you’re going to feel on top of the world. Yes, all of that hard work was worth it.

Stage 9

It’s all about having the end in mind. Some ambition has sent you to a business school. When you walk out of here, the world will be yours.

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