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Spring Break Pictures

Waking up to the sound of your alarm reminding you class is in an hour is, unfortunately, a harsh reality we all had to endure this past Monday. It’s sad to say that Spring Break has already come and gone. Although our week of paradise, sleeping, and having fun with friends is over, we’re lucky to have some great pictures to reminisce on. Here’s a look at some of Her Campus Bryant members’ Spring Break 2014!

Shannon Foglia lounging by the pool in her cute sun hat

We’re jealous of this awesome view Nicole Shannon enjoyed last week

Montanna Colburn with her friends at the Palm Beach Yacht Club

Can you say paradise!? 

A great aerial view of Florida from Kristen Endrizzi’s seat on the plane

Kelly Farrell saw the great Broadway hit, Wicked, with her sister

Wish we could sail on one of these boats in the San Diego marina 

Shannon Foglia took a selfie underwater #letmetakeaselfie

Montanna Colburn played with her adorable new puppy

Micayla Plante had a day of relaxation at the spa with her sister

Jessica Kline enjoying this beautiful sunrise in Punta Cana

Just hanging in a palm tree in Punta Cana!


Thank you to everyone that submitted a picture, Her Campus Bryant hopes everyone had a fantastic break! Now here’s to counting down the days until summer! 


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