Split-End Repair101

Split ends threaten the health of hair worldwide. They even acquire their own scientific name: Trichoptilosis. They often form due to excessive heat and mechanical stress.  To completely rid oneself of split ends, the hair must be trimmed. However, many remedies exist for the infectious pandemic.

Apply thermal protectants before curling, blowdrying, or straightening hair

  • Heat acts as a huge promoter of split ends...we swear! It quickly reduces hair’s natural moisture balance by denaturing hair’s protein structure...nobody wants that! However, that isn’t going to stop anyone from curling or straightening her hair, and it shouldn’t! It is highly recommended to apply heat to freshly clean and conditioned hair, and most importantly, after a thermal protectant has been applied. Most local grocery stores, as well as drug stores sell a basic thermal protectant in the shampoo isle. Popular brands such as Suave and Panteen carry thermal protectants at an inexpensive cost.

Deep condition the split ends away

  • In addition to thermal protection, deep conditioning does wonders for one’s hair. Deep conditioning, also known as a hair mask, restores moisture, shine, and softness. Most importantly, it seals the ends of hair to prevent future damage. Again, such items can be found at a local super market. How often one deep conditions her hair is totally based on personal preference. However, once a week for about twenty minutes is highly recommended. Apply the deep conditioner in place of regular conditioner after shampooing to yield the best results.

Apply leave-in conditioner

  • Applying a leave-in-condition after every wash acts as a yet another protectant from split ends. Leave-in-conditioners are lightweight and lock in the hairs’ natural moisture that it is constantly being stripped of...can we say "treseme, treseme, ouh la la"?!! It also helps to seal the cuticle layer and as a bonus, promotes gorgeous curls. Once again, local grocery stores, as well as drug stores, carry this product in a variety of popular brands to best suit individual preferences.

Hair cuts are a must!

  • Last, but not least, trimming one’s hair every six to eight weeks cannot be stressed enough. It is indefinitely the only way to physically rid oneself of damaged hair. To avoid cutting off too much hair, try getting a “dusting.” Dustings trim about a quarter of an inch of hair and should be acquired every four weeks for the best results. Hair dressers may even provide a discount for dustings, because of the minimal removal of hair. Working these small tips into your routine will cause hair to only require a dusting about once a month. Each tip is inexpensive and will leave one with luscious locks to show off.