Sorority Spotlight: Devyn Vinson

HerCampus: When did you join your sorority?

Devyn Vinson: I joined Tri Sigma Spring 2016


HC: What made you want to become president of your sorority?

DV: I wanted to become president of my sorority because of all of the good it has done in my life. Tri Sigma not only brought me to friends that I know will be there for life, but it also helped solidify my values and grow as a leader. Last year, I was the Vice President of New Members, meaning that I taught a class to new members about Tri Sigma and Greek Life in order to better acclimate them. Serving on the e-board in that capacity helped me realize that I wanted to do more to give back to my sorority. Serving on e-board in a different capacity also helped me come up with a list of ideas for improvement.  Tri Sigma also helped me grow as a leader by allowing me to attend conferences and get internships. Last spring, I attended the Northeast Greek Leadership Association conference, there I learned about being an effective leader by setting an example. This summer, I interned for the Tri Sigma Foundation, the philanthropy and scholarship sector of Tri Sigma's headquarters. I learned a lot about nonprofits and communications, which is my major. All of the opportunities that Tri Sigma has given me fueled a passion for the organization that makes me want to inspire others.

HC: What's your favorite thing about your sorority?

DV: My favorite thing about my sorority is the sisterhood aspect. I love the network of friends that I have met; but more importantly, I love knowing that I am surrounded by a group of girls with similar values. We all believe in one another, even if we aren't best friends, and that is something that you cannot find in any other type of organization. I love knowing that there is a group of 60-80 girls who have my back in any situation. Tri Sigma's sisterhood has led me to think of tough times as happy times, because they often form deeper relationships within our Sisterhood because sisters lean on one another for support. 


HC: What is something you want to see change within Greek life?

DV:  I think nationally, Greek Life needs to stop hazing. I am very frustrated with the organizations throughout the country that haze and give us a bad name. I get sick to my stomach every time I see a person die from hazing-related activities in the news, and this is something that needs to change. We need to empower each other through emotional connections, not physical distress and harm. 


Within Bryant, I want the way we do philanthropic work to change. A lot of times, the different organizations donate money to one another, basically pushing money back and forth. I want Greek Life to start putting on larger-scale events that engage the community and get them excited to attend. 

HC: Why do you think girls should go Greek at Bryant?

DV: I think girls should go Greek at Bryant to find a sisterhood that meets their values. For example, my values are empowerment, positivity, knowledge, and love. In college, it is hard to meet people with similar values; it isn't normal to walk up to someone and say, "What values are important to you?" when trying to make friends, but I think the whole process of Formal Recruitment is to find those bonds. There are so many girls in my Sisterhood that I have the same values as that I would never have met if it weren't for Tri Sigma because of our different interests. Throughout Formal Recruitment, you are constantly told to "find your home" and I think that you need to go through each round/sorority thinking to yourself, "Do I feel at home with these girls?" Naturally, you will feel a connection where you best fit, and you need to follow your gut. If you are intending to go through Formal Recruitment, I wish you luck. Your home is waiting to welcome you with open arms, and I am confident that you will become a stronger woman because of it!