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Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

The dreaded day has finally arrived for single girls around the world.  It seems like all of your roommates, friends from home, and everyone else on the planet woke up to a dozen roses and a box of chocolates the morning of February 14th except for you and you’re like


You pretend that it doesn’t bother you, you are an independent woman, right?


So instead of going through your day switching back and forth from a mental state of bitterness to a hopeful part of you that is holding out some ridiculously handsome man is going to profess his love for you….


Remember it’s also Friday and therefore completely socially acceptable to get drunk this year!


Until it’s time to start drinking with the few single girlfriends you have left, there are a few ways to remain calm.  Such as going to the store and buying all of the candy that is now on sale


And maybe treat yourself to some of this


When you get a notification from the Post Office that you have a package, don’t get too excited that it’s from your secret admirer, it’s most likely a nice card and some treats from your mom


Try to stay off all social media sites and avoid the outside world as much as possible as not to see PDA, pink hearts everywhere, and happiness in general


Once you’ve finally made it through the day with only a few near mental break downs it’s time to reward yourself for not having done something that looked like this


Now it’s time to start drinking, and remember it’s not “Valentine’s Day”, it’s the start of the three day weekend, thank you Presidents Day!