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Resting Colleen Ritzer

With heavy hearts, Her Campus shares with you the tragic death of Colleen Ritzer. Beautiful inside and out, Colleen was a 24 year old Danvers High School Math teacher who was stabbed to death early last week. She was an Assumption College graduate, a daughter, a friend, and so much more.  It is nothing less than horrible that her life ended so early.
Philip Chism, Ritzer’s 14 year old student, stayed after school late with Ritzer where he brutally killed her and left her body in the woods behind the high school. Chism then ran, and was reported missing by a family member at 5:34 pm. Last Wednesday at 12:30 am, the police responded to a call of a pedestrian walking south on Route 1 north, which resulted in Chism being brought into custody. He has been charged as an adult and held without bail in the case of his teacher’s death.
Her Campus regrets to report stories as upsetting as this one, but we urge you to remember Colleen Ritzer, a beloved teacher, instead of her attacker.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the beloved Colleen Ritzer
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