Reasons We’re Excited for Baseball Season

1. It means it’s finally spring and nice enough to watch sports outside again

One of our favorite things about baseball is being outside again and enjoying the weather while watching the game.

2. The boys in baseball pants

Boys just look so much better in a baseball uniform than in a football uniform.

3. At Bryant, it means partying in the outfield with all your friends on a beautiful afternoon

Some people go to Bryant baseball games because they like to watch, most people go because they like to drink. Baseball at Bryant is basically just a darty in the outfield with the occasional glance at the game. A little advice: try to be aware of your surroundings or you might end up like the girl last year who got hit with a baseball because she wasn’t paying attention.

4. Getting to go to Fenway Park

The atmosphere of your favorite ballpark is unlike anything else. The food, seeing your favorite players in person, the other fans, the people that hate your team but are there anyways, the smells, the workers who throw peanuts and narrowly miss your head every time, seeing your favorite team play in their home field, singing your favorite songs (aka Take Me Out to the Ball Game and Sweet Caroline), and being with friends and family: it all adds up to make an amazing atmosphere that you really can’t find anywhere else.

5. The food at baseball stadiums

This was mentioned in the one above but it deserves its own number. The food at Fenway is in a league of its own. Whether you get a Fenway frank, kettle corn, Italian sausage, lobster roll, pretzels, popcorn, ice cream, cracker jacks, chicken fingers, pizza, or Dunkin, it’s all so good. Sure, it’s pricey, but it’s part of the experience.

6. Hope for a new season

We all know the Red Sox didn’t win the World Series this past season but here’s to hoping we do better this time! There’s nothing like a little positivity to start out the season.

7. There are SO many games

Football games don’t happen every week. Baseball games happen in series and there are literally so many of them. The Red Sox play 162 games in the regular season plus more if they make it to the playoffs and World Series.

8. The walkout music

Every player picks his own song that will play for the whole stadium to hear when he's walking up to bat. Hearing what each player has chosen is like a little look into his life that you wouldn’t get otherwise, and you get to sing and dance along to it.

9. Baseball is America’s favorite pastime

Hey, even if you claim that football is America’s sport… it was invented in 1869 while baseball was invented in 1839, and will always have the title of being America’s favorite pastime.