Reasons We Love Condesa

For all of you who have, or haven’t, heard of the new restaurant in Smithfield, Condesa Restaurante Mexicano, Her Campus Bryant wants you to know that it is most definitely worth the try. We have tested it (again and again) and it has proven to fulfill your Mexican cravings. Her Campus has come up with a list of the things we love about Condesa.

1.      It’s close to school (10 minutes, exactly)  

2.      They have a very friendly and welcoming staff

3.      Chips are given at the start of the meal with four different types of salsa or bean options for dipping

4.      They have some of the best Jalapeno (and other exotic flavored) margaritas around

5.      They employee Bryant students

6.      Condesa donated to the Her Campus Birthday, helping us raise money for Hasbro Children’s Hospital!

7.      It's the closest Mexican restaurant to campus, and can fulfill our Mexican cravings (especially for those of you who traveled to Mexico for spring break)

8.      They have great atmosphere for either a date night, girls night, or even to grab a meal when your parents visit


So, if you happen to be looking to explore new dining options around Smithfield, be sure to check out Condesa!