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Rape Culture

Unfortunately, we’re sure many of you have heard news about the University of Connecticut’s rising “rape culture.” UConn, as one would affectionately refer to the school, is a large university set in a rural environment. With that being said, many trails run through the wooded area surrounding the campus. Such trails are often used as a shortcut for students to access their off-campus apartments. One particular trail, “Celeron Trail,” has earned a new name for itself: the “Rape Trail”.

Throughout the month of October, three cases of sexual assault occurred during a walk down the “rape trail.” However, it has been noted that UConn officials failed to recognize such acts of violence, leaving students feeling unsafe, as well as victimized.

This rising “rape culture” is not limited to wooded area. Student athletes have been found at fault for sexual assault and domestic violence. One student athlete has been accused of sexual assault, but the University has yet to respond to the incident. It is known that two student athletes have been recently arrested for sexual and domestic violence. However, most athletes receive little to no punishment. A UConn football player was simply suspended for a quarter of the following football game after his arrest for domestic violence. This particular athlete was found pushing, spitting, and yelling at his girlfriend outside of a residence hall.

Seven women, six being current students on campus, have filed complaints again the UConn. They feel as though they’re safety has been compromised for the success of the school’s athletic program. UConn recently changed their athletic mascot to a less friendly-looking husky. Female students are speaking up. They feel as though the university is failing to protect their rights to feel safe; they’re living in fear.

UConn is expected to be tried in court. The University has spoken, claiming to have abided by all laws thoroughly. This is not just an issue for UConn; women all over the world face sexual violence. Justice needs to be served.



Image: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/uconn-students-claim-college-didn-protect-raped-suit-article-1.1493191

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