Proof that Registering for Classes is Just like the Hunger Games

Let’s be real: no matter who you are or what school you go to, registering for classes s*%ks. In fact, it really isn’t that different from the Hunger Games- you are fighting each other for what seems like your life. Here are the stages of registration, as told by The Hunger Games.

Your alarm is set absurdly early, just so you can make sure everything is all set by the time 7am rolls around.

You sit around with your suitemates, anxiously waiting for the moment of truth.

You hope that you will all get into the class you wanted to take together…

…but at the end of the day know it is every man for himself.

Tensions are running high and you’re all nervous.

You prepare your sticky keys, which is basically the same as tributes training for the games.

Before you know it, you’re all sitting there, staring at the clock, refreshing the page as 7am roles closer.

As the clock ticks down, you know you will never be ready. 

6:59 finally comes and goes, and it is a mad rush to the cornucopia (Banner) for classes.

You’re virtually fighting your classmates for the best courses,


and times.

You’re finally able to breathe a sigh of relief- you got into your top classes.

Unfortunately, one of your friends discovered they had a hold on their account at the last moment.

You mourn for their schedule,

But appreciate the fact that it didn’t happen to you.

When you tell your other friends that you got all the classes you wanted, they basically look at you like a hero.

Sound the cannons for everyone who didn’t get into their classes- and there are a lot of them.

While you’re relieved to have kept your hopes for next semester alive,

You know that after this trauma you will never be the same.

May the odds be ever in your favor.