Perfect Spring Weekend Cocktails

Spring Weekend is rapidly approaching, and we have just the cocktails you need to dance your way through it. Check out the links below to find some of Tipsy Bartender’s springiest creations and remember to always drink responsibly!

La Margara Cocktail

This icy blue drink will be the perfect thing for a day drink.

Watermelon Margarita Popsicle's


The perfect springtime treat!

Tequila Sunrise Shot

Ahh yes, a tequila sunrise. We can dig it.

Watermelon Long Island Tea


The ultimate springtime twist on this classic favorite.

Bahama Blues Cocktail

Perfect to split with your suitemates on a nice, warm, Spring Weekend day.

Mermaid Water

Because mermaids are the coolest and who doesn’t want to drink their water?

Enjoy your Spring Weekend ladies and remember to follow @TipsyBartender on Instagram and Twitter and check out their Youtube Channel for even more drink recipes!