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Perfect Outfits for Game Day Tailgating

Ladies, it is clear Bryant sports teams are working hard this season and it’s time we show up to the home games to support them!  Tailgating is around the corner and unfortunately, temperatures are still pretty low.  Considering how long the games are, you will need to dress warm if you want to be comfortable and have a good time.  Dressing cute yet warm for a tailgate and then the game itself may seem impossible in the cold weather, but consider the following:

Dress in layers: Don’t be shy about wearing three or four shirts that are easy to take off when it gets warmer.  Plus, if you layer thinner pieces of clothing, you won’t feel like you did when mom dressed you up on a snow day at age 7.  Don’t shy away from Bryant pride pieces of clothing either—sweatshirts that read “Bryant” and even t-shirts with the Bryant Baseball or Lacrosse logo on them are a great accessory!  Plus, don’t forget your jacket.  It really does get cold out there!

Scarves, hats, and gloves: These articles of clothing are a must! You will probably have a cold drink in your hand and in order to keep your fingers from becoming frozen carrots, gloves are a great thing to bring along.  Pairing them with a hat and scarf will keep you warm when the wind hits you. 

Socks and Boots: If your feet are cold or wet, your whole body will feel the same (yuck).  The best way to avoid feeling so miserable is to wear thick socks along with warm boots.  Some may even need to wear two pairs of socks, and collegiettes, I am NOT judging!

Blanket: A blanket is definitely necessary if you plan on sitting in the outfield or on the bleachers at the baseball games and is also great for sharing when standing on the bleachers at the lacrosse games. 

Optional items: If it is a sunny day, sunglasses are a great addition to looking cute or else you might find yourself squinting the entire game.  

Hope these tips were helpful! Go Bulldogs!

Megi is the Snapshot Chair for HerCampus Bryant!•Position: Fashion and Style/ Snapshot Editor•Class:  Senior 2015•Hometown: Waterbury, CT •Major/Minor: Biology/Business Administration •Fun Fact: Can speak Albanian!
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