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PC Basketball Players Under Investigation for Rape

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.


In November, Providence College released a statement that two freshmen basketball players had been suspended indefinitely from the team. Brandon Austin and Rodney Bullock were suspended from game action for “not upholding their responsibilities as student athletes.” Just last week it was revealed that the actions that got them banned from playing basketball were sexual assault allegations made by a fellow PC student.

This student was allegedly raped by Austin and Bullock on the PC campus on November 2nd. She immediately reported this to the college, causing PC to launch their own investigation. It was this investigation that resulted in both boys’ suspension from the basketball team three days later.

This student went to the police with these allegations on March 6th, having been driven to the Providence police station on March 6th. Providence police are now conducting their own investigation, which they hope to wrap up within two weeks. This investigation is more difficult due to lack of physical evidence and large amount of time between the incident and the filing of the report.

Ed Cooley, Friar basketball head coach, responded to the allegations in a statement saying in part “While I cannot talk about this situation further, it is a reminder that the privilege of representing Providence College comes with great responsibility for our student-athletes” and “Naturally, I was saddened by this situation, but we will not compromise the promise we’ve made. To build and run the most respected men’s basketball program in the nation.”

Federal law requires all colleges and universities to have a sexual assault policy for dealing with such incidences occurring on their campus. This disciplinary action is separate from the action taken by the police. While all colleges must respond to allegations of sexual assault, they are not required to report such events to the police. The choice to go to the police lies solely in the hands of the victim.

This saddening event on the Providence College campus is a reminder of the prevalence of rape on college campuses. An estimated 25% of college women have been victims of rape or attempted rape since the age of 14. Additionally, college age women who are in college are more likely to be raped than those who are not. Statistically, there are found to be 35 rapes per every 1,000 female college students.  Less than 5% of these women report the crime to the police.

 Her Campus Bryant wants to remind all of our readers of the availability of resources such as Women on Call, Counseling Services, Health Services, The Women’s Center, and Campus Ministries. All of these resources offer assistance to victims of sexual assault. We hope that through education and prevention programs, rape on college campuses will someday stop being such a prevalent crime.


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