Our Favorite Marylou's Coffees

If you haven’t been to Marylou’s yet, you need to go. It’s super convenient because there is one less than ten minutes from the Bryant University campus. Marylou’s is located across from Smithfield Commons in the Shell gas station. Marylou’s has a wide range of flavors, including snickers, milky-way, peanut butter wonderful, creamy chocolate coconut. We created a list of our favorites!

  1. 1. Creamy Chocolate Choconut

  2. 2. Peanut Butter Wonderful

  3. 3. Milky Wey

  4. 4. Banana Nut Cream

  5. 5. Creamy Irish Delight

  6. 6. White Chocolate Chip

  7. 7. Twix

  8. 8. Funnybone