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Everyone was shocked when Taylor Swift released “Look What You Made Me Do.” It is so different than her previous album and a completely different sound than her first album. She said “the old Taylor is dead” …what? Read below to learn why the old Taylor is still alive.

1. Old Taylor Swift music is still available

We are still able to blast “You Belong with Me” in the car with our friends or cry over a breakup while listening to “Teardrops on My Guitar.” We can listen to our favorite album on repeat to relive the “glory days.”

2. Her new songs are still so catchy

You may find yourself having “Look What You Made Me Do” stuck in your head just like you sang “Shake it Off” over and over again.

3. She is so talented

We still can’t get over how talented she is. She an amazing musician and that will never change.

4. She may sound different, but she is still the same

Taylor is still the loving, dedicated, and passionate human being that we fell in love with.

We love you Taylor!

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