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Neil Vasquez the Graduating Cutie

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.


Name:  Neil Vasquez

Graduation Year:  2013

Major/Minor: HR Management/Spanish

Hometown: Central Falls, RI

The Details

Describe Yourself in 3 Words:  Laidback, compassionate, and quixotic.

Any Secret Talents?: I’ve been known to carry a tune. Oh and I know every capital in the US of A.

Dream Job: Working internationally. Non- Profit. Disabled or kids.

Pet Peeves: Nosiness and chewing like a cow. Can’t stand that nonsense.

Bucket List: I gotta travel the world. That, and go swimming with sharks. Majestic creatures.


Favorite Thing About Bryant: Krystal Ristaino

Favorite Color: Atomic Tangerine. Without a doubt.

Favorite Show(s): Game of Thrones right now. Straight fire.

Favorite Place in the World: Perugia, Italy.

Favorite Food: Auntie Lisa’s angel hair pasta with shrimp.

#1 Most-Played Song on Your iPod: Fried Rice – G Eazy



Celebrity crush(es): Olivia drives me Wilde.

Best Pickup Line You’ve Ever Heard: You’re hot.

Perfect Date in 7 Words:  Buy me a really, really expensive meal.