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“The Naked Roommate” on: Things Not Mentioned in a College Brochure

It’s week 13 everyone, that means only two more weeks together…how sad! This week in The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College by: Harlan Cohen, we are talking about Things Not Mentioned in the College Brochure: What They Don’t Tell You. Here are the top two tips for having fun in college your way, and figuring out what the college experience means to you:

The Freshman 15…Or, Um, 45: Eating a large pizza, a dozen breadsticks, fifteen wings, a bag of chips, a pound of chocolate-covered peanuts, a bag of dried fruit (to be healthy), and drinking a six-pack of thick malted beer before bedtime will make your pants tight. Eating in moderation is what you need to do, don’t go crazy eating junk food. Eat three good meals a day with light snacks in between, that’s easier said than done but it will definitely help. Also exercise never hurts!

Depression: The “Other” Major: The happy new about depression: there’s more help than ever before to help you manage and get beyond depression. It’s confidential, part of tuition, and can carry over into the rest of your life. Whenever you are feeling sad and alone just remember you can get help, either from your friends or even counseling services. They will keep everything 100% confidential if you are afraid of that. Don’t bottle up your emotions because that won’t help you one bit. Get help and just remember things do and will get better.

College is all about new opportunities and trying new things. One quote we love is, “Here’s to new opportunity’s and four years of irresponsibility” so don’t worry, you’ll make mistakes. But, be smart get help if needed and everything will turn out alright.   

For Bryant University counseling services, call (401) 232-6045

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