My Freshmen Story: The Ultimate Packing List for College

My Freshmen Story is a freshmen blog series written by our talented HC Bryant staff. We decided to start this because we’ve all been in those shoes that ached in nervousness, excitement, and confusion before beginning our first day as Bryant University freshmen. We know you are about to put on those shoes and figured you’d love to know exactly what to expect…so ready for your freshmen year?

Hey future collegiettes. We figured you all have your PB Teen magazines opened, have your wishlist from Bed, Bath, and Beyond all set and ready, and are beginning to think of what you will take and will leave in your room…duh, packing for college is around the corner!

(P.S. a little tip: if you are traveling a far distance, Bed, Bath, and Beyond offers a moving programwhere you can shop for what you want and they will deliver it to the store closest to your school)

How do you know what exactly to pack from your room at home, what to buy, and what to just leave behind? Well the list below has been passed through many moms and daughters alike so we figured Her Campus cna give you some tips about what to pack for college. There are some things we left out, like a tv because Netflix does us wonders and a laptop because Bryant provides those, so don’t be nervous if you don’t see something on here you want to bring. We obviously left out decorations too. This list is very basic and just the essentials to survive your first semester! We also kept in mind the fact that you will most likely visit home a few times.

(P.S. another tip: if after a few weeks you find things you don’t need at school or find things you definitely need, make a big trip the first time you go home.)

The list is below but if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them!

Bedroom-Comforter-Pillow (2)-Throw pillows-Sheet set (2)-Hangers-Fan-Alarm clock-Underbed storage (2)-Mattress pad-Storage trunk with lock-Jewelry organizer

Desk-Poster putty / Command Hooks-Power strip / surge protector-Desk lamp-Scissors-Message board-Blank CD’s-Binders/Folders/Notebooks-Paper-Pens-Pencils-Dictionary-Thesaurus-Backpack-Calculator-Day planner-Scotch tape-Waste basket-Cell phone charger-Post-its-Erasers-Stapler-Paper clips-White Out-Index cards (a few hundred!)-Highlighters-Markers-Colored pencils-Pencil sharpener-Ruler-Hole punch-Push pins-Letter tray-Pen holder

Bathroom-Shower shoes-Paper towels (big pack)-Windex-Towels (3 bath and 6 hand)-Soap (5 bars)-Shampoo (2)-Conditioner (2)-Body wash (3)-Shaving cream (3)-Razor/blades-Shower caddy-Kleenex-Bandaids-First Aid kit-Tylenol/Motrin/Nyquil/Tums/Pepto-Bismol-Deoderant (4)-Baby powder-Hair gel-Ice packs-Heat packs-Toothpaste (2)-Toothbrush (2)-Nail clipper-Thermometer-Q-tips-Tweezers-Straightener-Curling iron-Blowdryer-Tampons/Condoms-Face cleanser-Mouthwash-Floss

Misc-Shoes-Jeans-Shorts-Sweatpants-Sweatshirts-Sweaters-Business attire-Socks-Underwear-Boxers-Bras-Bathing suit-Light jacket-Heavy jacket-Umbrella-Cups-Coffee cups -Plastic water bottles (2)-Bowls (4)-Plates (4)-Plastic utensils-Tupperware-Small snack baggies-Headphones-Micro-Fridge-Stacking crates/shelves-Safety pins/sewing kit-Laundry detergent-Laundry basket-Dryer sheets-Bank info-Key ring-Flashlight-Camera-Batteries (a few of all basic types)-Snacks-Garbage bags-Small vacuum-Iron-Small ironing board-Clorox wipes-Rubber gloves-Lysol spray-Health insurance card-AAA card-Social security info (copy)-Birth certificate (copy)-Deck of cards-Camera charger-iPod charger-Mirror

Guess what? We would absolutely love to hear back from you! If you are an incoming freshmen and either have questions, comments, or even would love to get started with us this fall, shoot us over an email at [email protected], like our Her Campus Bryant University Facebook page, or comment below!