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My Freshmen Story: I Was Nervous for College

My Freshmen Story is a freshmen blog series written by our talented HC Bryant staff. We decided to start this because we’ve all been in those shoes that ached in nervousness, excitement, and confusion before beginning our first day as Bryant University freshmen. We know you are about to put on those shoes and figured you’d love to know exactly what to expect…so ready for your freshmen year?

I will be the first person to say that I did not want to go to college. I loved high school, my friends, and just being home. I was not used to change and it really scared me. So as you can imagine, college seemed absolutely terrifying to me. I never had to face a bigger change in my life. I had lived in the same house since I was born and had attended school with the same group of kids since pre-school. It scared the living daylights out of me to even think of college. The comfort of my family, friends, home; everything that was familiar to me would soon be gone.

Arriving at Bryant on the first weekend, I was surprised to find that my fears were not true at all! Everyone was in the same situation as me; looking for friends and trying to find their way around campus.  It was really comforting. My roommates were so outgoing, genuine, and nice which made me feel so welcome. Starting from day one, I made many amazing memories with amazing, new people. Because of Bryant’s small campus, I quickly learned that new faces soon became very familiar.

The first day of classes were also that same comforting feeling. I was in a classroom that was very similar to the sizes I was used to in my high school. The teachers knew you by first name, not just a number. The group work made it very easy to make new friends and adjust much faster. Of course my freshman year wasn’t completely flawless; there were ups and downs just like any part of my life. I had trouble with classes, my grades, and being adjusting to the new challenges college brought to me. As I said before, I loved high school and part of that love was because I got excellent grades. I never saw a C in high school! However, that was not the case for me my first semester.

College and high school are two different worlds and you are expected to work extremely hard to achieve good grades, which is not what I was used to. I had to remind myself to ask for help from my professors, family, and friends. Those people are not out of my life just because I left home; they are just a phone call away! Talking to my family and friends from home always helped me pick myself back up when I got into a slump of some sort.

I can easily say that my freshman year of college was the best year of my life so far! The amazing memories I have from those two semesters will stay with me forever. Those memories definitely outweighed the few struggles I faced in the beginning.

Now with summer ending, I don’t go a day without saying I can’t wait to go back to school! 

Guess what? We would absolutely love to hear back from you! If you are an incoming freshmen and either have questions, comments, or even would love to get started with us this fall, shoot us over an email at HerCampus@Bryant.edu, like our Her Campus Bryant University Facebook page, or comment below!

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