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Movies to Watch When You Want To “Netflix&Chill”

50 First Dates: Because it’s a classic.

Varsity Blues: Because it’s basically an old school Friday Night Lights and who doesn’t love cute boys and football?

Holes: Because if you don’t watch this at some point Madame Zeroni might curse you.

The Longest Yard: Because he likes football but you like Adam Sandler.

Grease: You can sing a long while you snug.

Scream: Because it’s just scary enough that you need him to comfort you.

Think Like a Man: Because everybody loves Kevin Hart.

The Notebook: Nicholas Sparks, duh.

American Pie: Because it’s funny and full of dirty humor.

Big Daddy: Because it’s so stinkin’ cute.

Can’t Hardly Wait: Because it’s full of jokes and sex.

Mean Girls: Because you might be chillin’ on October 3rd.  


Senior, marketing major from Pembroke MA.  Marketing and PR Chair for Bryant's Her Campus chapter.  Loves sharks.   
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