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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

With the beginning of the new semester, Her Campus wanted to give the readers a peek into Greek Life’s new presidents of 2021. 

We have interviewed the eight presidents of Greek Life so that you can get to know a little more about them and their organizations. They discuss their chapter and experiences, along with their goals during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This is the interview of Josh Goode, the President of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. 


A Little Bit About Josh: 

Hometown: Oneida, New York

Grade: Junior

Major: Global Supply Chain Management 

Fun Fact: He is planning on getting his MBA in the future.


The Interview:

HC: Why did you run/want to be president of TKE?

JG: I ran for President of Tau Kappa Epsilon because of what I saw in the past from alumni that had run my fraternity and I knew that what I have planned is something I believe others will look back on too.

HC: What do you want to accomplish in your term(goals)?  

JG: A few things I want to accomplish in my term is more involvement on the philanthropy and fundraising side. Tau Kappa Epsilon focuses on St. Jude Up til Dawn each year raising thousands of dollars, but I believe there can be more. I also plan on setting more events with other Greek life on campus because after this long quarantine I believe students need to see that joining a fraternity or sorority brings more opportunities on campus.

HC: What are some events that you have planned/what are you looking forward to?

JG: A major focus for the semester is recruitment. We have a lot of events planned to reach out to possible new members to expand our fraternity. Also, some ideas that we have set are dependent on what the procedures allow because of Covid-19, but I look forward to cookouts at the very least being able to be back with my fraternity brothers enjoying my time on campus.

HC: What is your favorite thing about TKE?

JG: My favorite part of Tau Kappa Epsilon is the brotherhood once you join. It means that there will always be a group of guys that you can count on and do things with. I understand that even after I graduate, I can always reach out to my brothers if I ever need anything.



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