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Meet Bryant University’s GAMMA

  • What does GAMMA stand for?

Greeks Advocating for Mature Management of Alcohol!

  • What are the Executive board positions and who currently holds them?

President – Leslie Barnett

Vice President – Kayla Vicente

Treasurer – Max Stone

Secretary – Rachel Lagasse

Public Relations – Flora Goodman

  • What does GAMMA strive to accomplish? 

Our mission is to promoting sensible use of alcohol while educating students about the consequences of alcohol abuse. One of our main focuses is to educate our fellow peers on drinking safely if they chose to do so. In addition, we also provide alternative activities to the Bryant University community.  

  • What events do you do on campus?

Each year we uphold our mission statement by hosting a series of events on campus to bring awareness to college students. Typically in the Fall Semester we hold an event in a freshmen hall. This includes a series of interactive activities to test their knowledge on drinking and the consequences. One of the activities asks students to pour what they consider an average amount of alcohol in a mixed drink. As first year students, many of them usually don’t know the correct amount.

This past Fall, we teamed up with DPS and held an awareness event in the Rotunda during the third week of October which is known as the National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week. One of the favorite activities we had, involved using drunk goggles. Students were challenged to wear the goggles and to walk on a straight line. This activity showed how alcohol effects your body and motor skills.

In the spring, we host Mocktails during Greek Week and Bryant’s Best during Spring Weekend. Mocktails is a competition between the fraternities and sororities on campus to create the best non-alcoholic drink! Last spring, we had guest speakers from the Smithfield Police Department who also acted as our judges. Part of the event was also dedicated to a “Fact or Fiction” activity. Greek life members competed individually to be the first to answer questions about drinking correctly. Bryant’s Best is open to all of Bryant’s campus and involves free pizza! It is our local pizza competition. Last year we had several pizza places participate and donate, and students voted for their favorite.

  • How can we find out more information?

You can follow us on social media!

We invite you all to join us Saturday, April 29th from 5pm-6pm for FREE PIZZA in Papitto! 

College Senior from CT
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