March Madness From a Girl's Perspective

March Madness, for those who may not know, is an annual occurrence of NCAA college basketball games in March.  16 teams from the South, 16 teams from the East, 16 teams from the West, and 16 teams from the Midwest play teams in their region to try and win their region.  Once one team from each region wins, they end up playing against another region.  This forms the bracket.  Still unsure what the bracket is?  The bracket is a tree diagram representing the series of games played during a tournament.

Anyhow, most of us women are sort of inclined to make a bracket.  Whether it’s our dad searching for that last drop of “boy” in us or our boyfriend just assuming we know what the h*ll he is talking about, we just felt as though making one was a necessity.  Oh and we also probably all had these 20 thoughts while making it...

1.    Hmmmm...what sounds nicer Ohio State or Dayton?

2.    Where the h*ll is Witchita State and Cal Poly????

3.    Duke just sounds sexy...definitely picking Duke.

4.    Which team looks better in their uniforms- UConn or St. Joe’s?

5.    AW! Providence is in the bracket, that’s cute, let’s pick them.

6.    George Washington sounds pretty regal! Definitely picking George Washington.

7.    Why is he staring at me? Is he judging my picks?

8.    He’s that normal?

9.    Now he’s laughing...definitely has his period.

10.  Syracuse versus Western Michigan? Ew, Western Michigan’s logo is weird...Syracuse it is.

11.  Final four....he better treat me to Panera after this or something

12.  What would make a better last name...Marquette or Louisville? Jessica Marquette...that sounds nice! Marquette it is.

13.  I LOVE the blue in NC....gotta pick them for suresies

14.  Ehhhh... Marquette has alright colors so I guess I’ll pick them again.

15.  Actually, no way Marquette is going to make it that far... I don’t even know where Marquette is.

16.  The name Memphis is in that song that I love... I’ll pick them... or should I pick Virginia? Let’s go with Virginia!

17.  Who should win it all? I’ve always wanted to live in Florida, that looks like a good pick.

18.  Now he’s breathing down my neck...


20.  I WON! I WON! I WON! I WON! Now every guy is glaring at me...better luck next time!