Look Pretty in Pastels with the Help of Forever21

Spring is near! It's time to show off the colors that have been hiding in the back of your closet. If the weather isn’t ready for your stylish pieces, remember to pair them with warm jackets and printed scarves. Lacking key pastel wardrobe pieces? Check out what Forever21 has in store for you to have you looking pretty in pastels!


Forever 21 Pastel Yellow Dress , $24.90


Forever 21 Lavender Dress , $12.90 (Also available in Mint!)


Forever 21 Mint Blouse , $13.90


Forever 21 Pastel Yellow Blouse , $10.90


Forever 21 Beige Shorts , $10.99


Forever 21 Pastel Floral Blouse , $11.99


Forever 21 Pastel Floral Blouse , $12.90