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Latest from the Bachelor: The Update Before Hometown Dates!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

If you missed The Bachelor last week, you missed a good one. Sharleen got the first on-on-one date and we had to once again watch them awkwardly make-out on a gorgeous yacht in Miami (which would have been more fun to watch had it not been Sharleen). Luckily for all of us viewers, she sent herself home. Juan Pablo was incredibly sad and even cried. I’m still unsure as to why Juan Pablo liked her so much, but at least she went ahead and left on her own.   

Nikki got the other one-on-one date and got to meet Juan Pablo’s family, including his daughter. This is a BIG deal because she is the only girl that has gotten to meet his family. She was really cute interacting with his daughter. Nikki is definitely a front runner for Juan Pablo and for the audience.

On the group date, he gave Andi the rose (good choice by Juan Pablo because she’s great). Because she got the rose she got extra time with Juan Pablo and they went to a Latin club. Juan Pablo showed off his sexy moves, getting all of us girls watching to drool. Andi was an extremely awkward dancer, but Juan Pablo thought it was cute, which she was.

Throughout the episode tensions were high between Nikki and Clare. It is emphasized at the cocktail party when the two of them sat in silence alone together, talk about awkward. Clare’s argument is irrelevant and is extremely annoying, so you can’t blame Nikki for engaging in the fight.

At the rose ceremony Chelsea was sent home, which was sad because she had a really fun personality, but Juan Pablo made the right decision because the four remaining girls are amazing (except for Clare). This week is a treat because The Bachelor is on Monday AND Tuesday, so it’s our lucky week! The hometowns dates are FINALLY on Monday, which is always fun to watch! But the best night happens Tuesday when they go on their fantasy suite dates. It looks like there will be a lot of drama coming up, so get excited ladies!