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Woke up late? Alarm didn’t go off? Hit snooze too many times? OH NO! It’s time  for class, and you barely even have time to get ready? What are you going to do with your hair? Here are some methods you can used when you’re rushed for time, and no one will even be able to tell.

Sock Bun-We all know of the famous “Sock bun” or a “Donut Bun.” Donut buns you can buy in a store, and can use by putting your hair in a pony tail for security, pull your hair through the donut, or sock, and either wrap your hair around it and bobby pin it to secure it, or roll the donut or sock down with your hair. Sound complicated? Not at all! And it leaves you with a PERFECT bun, leaving a clean look to your attire.

The Value of the Braid!-If you’re really crunched for time, there are many things that you can do with your hair regarding braids. For example, a simple side braid hanging to one shoulder, a braid down your back, a braid wrapped into a bun. French braids can make any bun or pony tail look phenomenal and not look like you just jumped out of bed. Add a French braid on the side of your head to any hair style and it jumps up 10 pretty points!

Scrunching-If you have hair that can take a wave or a curl, then after hopping out of your shower in the morning,  you can throw some mousse in your hair and “scrunch.” We’re sure many know how to do this already, just put the hair product into your hands, rub it in, flop your head down or to the side, and grab a hold of your hair with the hand with the product, and squeeze it, moving your hand up and down evenly distributing the product throughout your hair. If you don’t want your hair to feel crunchy, you can try spraying a bit of Argan oil so it will soften your hair and give it some shine. For mousse, we recommend using Suave Whipped Cream Mousse, it works for all hair textures, and works in curly hair, not making any crunch, and always leaving it light and soft.

Now…one of the most brilliant methods we’ve ever come across, and use faithfully…..PLOPPING! Plopping is one of our favorite methods to use when it comes to getting ready the night before class. With this method, we can take a nice shower at night, and then, literally, we do not exaggerate, roll out of bed the next morning, take the t-shirt out off our head, brush our teeth, get dressed, and leave. We will pay no attention to our hair at ALL. Tshirt? Let us explain:

Plopping: The act of “plopping” is ALL OVER Youtube. It is ideal for people with curly hair that struggle with frizz, and don’t want to apply heat to their hair. It can also be used for wavy hair that wants an extra boost. Plopping is when you come out of the shower, the night in advance, that you start to scrunch your hair, but don’t let it fully dry, you want to keep it somewhat wet. You make sure it has some curl or wave to it before you wrap it. Then you take a HUGE tshirt and place it upside down on a flat surface that you can put your head on. Put your head DIRECTLY in the center of the tshirt, with your hair directly on top of your head. You put the end of the shirt over your head, and then grab the sleeves, one in each hand, and start rolling it until the shirt tightens around your head. You then tie the sleeves behind your head, and we secure it with a hair tie. You can use a long sleeved shirt or a short sleeved shirt big enough to do this with. Enjoy some videos for reference!

(This one shows heat, you don’t need to blowdry it if its still a little damp; you could let it dry naturally or blow dry it with some heat protectant in your hair).

Good luck ladies!

Jeanyne is a Literary and Cultural Studies major at Bryant University with a double-minor in Chinese and Business Administration. She grew up in Hyde Park, MA which is a neighborhood in Boston, and she takes a lotttt of pride in it. She is a Cheerleader for the Bryant University Bulldogs. She loves to read and write. She's also a Starbucks Barista and speaks fluent Mandarin :) 
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