Last Minute Couples DIY Halloween Costumes

  Couples always have the hardest time agreeing upon a costume let alone generating ideas for one. It's the Friday before Halloween, time is running out...

  But don't sweat it! HC Bryant has come up with some quick fixes and easy DIY costumes for those couples who have waited for the last minute.

Micky and Minnie Mouse

This DIY costume is super easy, all you and your guy need are the red bottoms (a skirt or jeans) and a black top!  Mouse ears are easy to find just about anywhere that sells Halloween costumes, and eyeliner works just as well to make a black nose and whiskers!

William and Kate

William and Kate are the easiest to pull off because its right out of your closet!  Wear your chicest blazer and a fun hat, and guys their best suit and tie, and there you go! All set for a night of fun and style.

Mario and Princess Peach 

Alright, so this one you have to get a little creative.  But as long as you can find a Mario Hat, Suspenders, a TuTu and Crown, your good to go.  

Thing 1 and Thing 2

This is probably the easiest way to go for those really last minute couples.  If your looking to spend nothing at all, print out the Thing 1 and Thing 2 logos and pin them on a red shirt!  All you need to do is pair the T-Shirt with leggings or jeans!

Where's Waldo

Got a red striped shirt and glasses?  Where's Waldo is cute and humorous for that funny couple.  And an easy last minute DIY too!

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