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Kate Middleton Nude Pics | Is Her Image Tarnished?

It seems like the royal family can’t catch a break. Just as news of Prince Harry’s nude pictures in Vegas was beginning to finally fly under the radar, French tabloid magazine Closer published several topless pictures of everyone’s favorite princess – Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton had her fair share of being put under a public microscope when she began dating Prince William. Ever since her marriage to Prince William last year, Kate Middleton has gone from being the girl who became a princess overnight to an icon. Her seamless transition into royal life and expectations is nothing short of impressive. She has become a role model and fashion icon for girls all over the world and above all an outstanding representation the British Royal Family.

The Royal Wedding was the first time Kate Middleton had experienced what it was like for the whole world’s eyes to be on her – literally. Unfortunately for the second time during the relatively short time as being the Duchess of Cambridge, the world’s eyes are on her again – this time for all the wrong reasons.
But in this day and age of celebrity obsession are Kate’s nude photos really that bad?

Long gone are the days when Janet Jackson’s right boob used to cause a ruckus in the media. Celebrity nude picture scandals have become so common they are barely considered newsworthy. Prince Harry’s nude pictures caused a frenzy not just because he is a prince but also because British media were not allowed to print the pictures (despite the fact that they could be viewed online all over the world).

Eventually, people let it go. So then why won’t the same happen to Kate Middleton’s pictures? After all she is not the first public figure to have nude pictures of released to the public. 

Prince Harry has been known to have a naughty side to him so the nude pictures might have been shocking but it didn’t really surprise anyone. After all, he was in Vegas playing strip poker with a bunch of girls – someone was bound to take a picture. It can also be said that he put himself in a compromising position.

Kate Middleton on the other hand, has a clean image. This clean cut image is a significant part of her appeal to the masses. We love the idea of a real life fairytale, and that is what Kate’s life seems like. As a daughter in law to the Queen of England of all people, a huge part of her role is to represent that family in a gracious manner. And so far she has embodied every aspect of being the perfect princess – from her
ethereal beauty to her fashion choices.

Unlike, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton did not put herself in a compromising position. She was tanning on a private residence with her husband – you know like any other normal woman. Sure the scandal is negative but in the long run it is not something that will leave her image tarnished. The circumstances of the pictures were innocent. She was not in Vegas playing strip poker with a bunch of naked women. Her privacy was invaded. She was not doing anything that any woman should be embarrassed about. It is unfortunate that any woman, regardless of stature, has to witness the public humiliation which comes along with a publication of nude pictures.

The bigger question at hand is whether existing legal restrictions regarding private invasion of public figures are sufficient. Hopefully Kate Middleton will never have to experience the media scrutiny that Princess Diana, her husband’s deceased mother and beloved Princess of Wales, experienced.

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