Jump Start your Routine for Spring Time!

Spring is finally here! We can all rejoice as we say goodbye to winter and prepare ourselves for warmer weather. Winter was tough, and not just because it was cold but it can take a toll on our bodies and our mental state. Winter is honestly draining and when spring finally arrives we crave the UV rays in our life. As you begin to change out sweaters for dresses, you can renew yourself by following some of these tips.

1. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Winter leaves our skin rough and dry, it’s time to leave that behind and begin spring with smooth and fresh skin.

2. Face Masks

*photo courtesy of Sephora*

Choose a face mask that can brighten the skin or add hydration to the skin.

3. Lotion

After exfoliating it is important to put lotion on to give our skin the added hydration that we deprived our skin from in the winter. Winter leaves our skin feeling dry from the cold and air, add moisture back into the skin by using your favorite lotion.

4. Try a hair mask or make your own with natural ingredients

5. Nail Polish

*photo courtesy of Essie*

Treat yourself to a new spring nail polish color! When you put on a bright spring color, it can help remind us of spring weather and might put a smile on your face too.

6. Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer

*photo courtesy of Jergens*

Winter is harsh on our skin, and as it gets warmer we sometimes want to have a glow on our skin. Jergens natural glow is perfect for a gradual glow without turning orange!

7. Exercise

Exercising is not only good for staying fit but its good for our mental health. Exercising helps release endorphins that can help relax us and contribute to a happier you. Classes are stressful and as we enter the last full month of school left it can get more stressful. Exercising can help release some of tension and stress that we harbor throughout the week.Try a spin class, yoga or even running outside if you do not like the gym as much!

8. Spring Clothes!

Spring is the perfect excuse to shop for some new clothes. Look out for spring sales that many stores are starting to have.Try wearing more spring colors in you every day outfits, it can be a good way to transition from a winter to spring mindset.

9. Promote healthy eating!

Salmo Hack: Get one of the big white bowls from the soup area of Salmo and fill it up with your favorite salad.

10. Take Vitamin C daily!

Vitamin C provides immune support. 

11. Drink Lemon Water

Lemon water can work as a detox, as well as supporting our immune system and added hydration.

Check out more added benefits at https://www.edisoninst.com/15-benefits-of-drinking-lemon-water-in-morning-empty-stomach/

12. Deep clean your dorm room

13. Open the window more in your room and let fresh air in!

14. Buy flowers for yourself! Put flowers on your desk to brighten up the room and as a positive reminder that its spring time.

15. Sit outside and do work or relax

When it starts to get warmer out, take a towel out or rent a hammock from the information desk in Fisher.