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Jullian Shafer

Name: Arthur Jullian Shafer

Graduation Year: 2017

Major/Minor: Business Administration with concentrations in CIS and Chinese 

Hometown: Warrenton, Virginia

On-Campus Activities: Model UN

Interests: Guitar, fitness, computers, foreign policy

Describe Yourself in 3 Words: honest, carefree, funny 

Any Secret Talents? I can fly a plane  

Dream Job: Economic Intelligence analyst for the CIA

Pet Peeves: pseudointellectual opinionated hipsters aged 18-22

Bucket List: Hike the Appalachian Trail, go to China

If you could name a drink after yourself what would it be? The Shafer: a double of Stolichnaya, on the rocks. 

Name of your Autobiography: “The accidental soldier”, but for real we’re about to publish a biography with that title about my life and experience in Afghanistan and everyone should buy it.

If you could bring any three things to a deserted island, what would they be? A guitar, a raft, and a volleyball named Wilson.

Favorite Thing About Bryant: The short walks to class

Favorite Place in the World: Virginia

Favorite Food: Sirloin steak

Favorite Song: American pie by Don McLean

Favorite Movie: Blood Diamond

Celeb Crush: Jennifer Lawrence

Pickup Line: “I used to be in the Army”

Perfect Date: “The one I take you on”

Relationship Status: Single

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