Johanna Craig: Laugh Out Loud (Cry Quietly) Director

Name: Johanna Craig

Grade: Sophomore

Major: International Business- Management, French

Position: Director

Is this your first show directing? If not name some others: I assistant directed three shows with the Bryant Players last year: How I Learned to Drive, Reasons to be Pretty, and Grease. Otherwise, yes this is my first time directing!

How do you like directing this show so far? Directing has been a really great experience. I’ve learned a lot so far and I have definitely tried my best to be as positive of a leader for my awesome cast. There has been a lot of aspects of directing I have had no idea how to handle before the minute I made a decision and it has been a learning curve. Directing is mainly about following your gut and seeing the big picture, which I love.

Why did you pick this show? As a whole club, Bryant Players took nominations for this show last Spring and, after doing some research, we decided we really liked the concept. We wanted a light-hearted comedy to follow the success of our Spring musical, Grease. After having the chance to read the script and dive into directing, I saw the amount of potential the show had and how funny it is.

Any advice for the cast? A big part of my approach to directing the cast was character development. The cast wrote their own dating profiles, put together their own costumes, and wrote their parts in our promotional videos. I think the cast should remember who their character is and how they have connected with their character, because they will be so much more comfortable on stage if they do. Put yourself in your character’s shoes and, if you forget a line or a specific movement, it will be easy to pick right back up with something you feel your character would do. Otherwise, just have fun! We’ll never have another chance to perform this exact show after this weekend, so enjoy it as much as you can!