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Intramurals Player of the Week: Chucky Wingate

Intramurals Player of the Week: Chucky Wingate

Chucky Wingate

Team: Bird Gang

Number: 1

Chucky shooting from the free throw line

Monday night’s intramurals started out with an intense game between two teams of varsity football players. The teams were Bird gang, consisting of sophomores and juniors, and Young Gunz, a team of all freshman. This match-up was a great one since both teams came into it with undefeated records. Bragging rights were definitely up for grabs with this game! Our intramurals player of the week, Chucky Wingate, is the starting point guard for Bird Gang. With his skills and great performance during the game he helped Bird Game come out on top with the 49-46 victory over Young Gunz.

Our player of the week with a steal

Chucky started the game out strong getting baskets from the beginning. The starting point guard was the leading scorer for Bird Gang, putting up a total of 14 out of the 49 points for his team. Chucky didn’t only lead his team in points, he was also a key defensive player during the game blocking Young Gunz at the top of the key and stopping them from advancing. Bird Gang held the lead for the whole game, but Young Gunz was never far behind.  At one point in the game they closed the gap to make it a one point game. But Chucky, with the help of the rest of Bird Gang, were able to keep the freshmen team at bay.

Here is Chucky with a defensive pick

Bird Gang had another game later Monday night against a senior team, Da Muffin Men. They were able to carry the momentum from their win against Young Gunz and come out with another W, making them the only undefeated team in their league!

The team Bird Gang after their victory!

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