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Incoming Freshmen: Beware of College Myths!

Freshman year of college is an exciting time.  One chapter is ending while another is beginning and waiting to be written.  With your mom, uncle, neighbor, friend, sister, teacher, and everyone that knows you are a graduating senior giving you advice on college life, there are some myths that you will hear that are far from reality.

MYTH: The Freshman 15 is Real

While it is more difficult for many college students to eat as healthily as they did when Mom was making dinner, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible.  On average, freshman gain about 4 pounds.  With daily exercise and a balanced diet, extra weight is avoidable.

MYTH: Your Major Determines Your Career

While a major does map out career options, many branch out beyond what they studied in college.  It isn’t written in stone that you are stuck being an actuary until you retire if you major in actuarial math.

MYTH: Beer Before Liquor Never Been Sicker

While “beer before liquor never been sicker; liquor before beer you’re in the clear” is more commonly proven to be true, if you consume too much alcohol for your body to handle, you will get sick no matter what order you drink it in.

MYTH: Avoid “Going Random”

While there are so many horror stories that spawn from random roommate relationships, just as many come from the pairs that met for a day at orientation and then agreed to room together.  Just because this new girl has similar interests doesn’t mean you are compatible as roommates.  She might like to sleep with the TV on and you in the dark; you might like to get up early while she needs to sleep as late as possible.  Neither method is foolproof.

MYTH: Academic Achievement is the Most Important Part of College

While getting a degree is the reason students come to college in the first place, college is also a time for one to grow and experience the world in a different habitat with new people.  It is time to be away from parental authority and experience self-dependence. So many life lessons, friendships, memories, and happiness will come from your four plus years at school.

MYTH: Guys Like Casual Sex and Girls Like Committed Sex

While this stereotype is true for a portion of the collegiate population, it is also very false.  Plenty of girls would prefer one night stands, especially their freshman year. It’s also very likely that a guy will fall for one particular girl and want to be in a relationship. Expect the unexpected.

MYTH: Long Distance Relationships Are Doomed

While plenty of couples grow apart, find the distance too difficult, or meet someone new, there are those couples who make it past the hard times and have a fairy tale ending.  It may not be easy, but it is definitely possible for high school couples to make it.  The right pair can handle anything life throws at it.  And if it doesn’t work out in the end, it just isn’t meant to be.

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