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How To Have a Successful Course Registration

Bryant University course registration is underway! Many of us know the struggles of getting up with that 6:45am alarm, praying our laptops connect to the Wi-Fi, and hovering over the submit button as the clock slowly approaches 7:00am. After what feels like endless spinning, your courses finally submit and boom, you have gotten into 2 of your 5 classes. Then comes the scramble to add classes with decent professors and avoid 8:00am times at all costs. By 7:30am, you’re frustrated, in classes you did not want, and too stressed to go back to bed. We’ve all been there! However, there are ways to plan out your schedule to help prevent some of these issues. These are our top 5 tips on how to have a successful course registration:

1. Have 1 good plan… and 2 or 3 backup plans.

It is unlikely that you will get into all your classes on the first try, so it’s super important to have some backups written down. We recommend keeping this plan on a notes app on your phone or on a piece of paper. It’s easier to look at a different device rather than split screen on your laptop. Make sure you write down the class days and times as well as the Course Reference Number (CRN) to avoid double scheduling yourself. The CRN is key to adding classes fast; you won’t have to look up the individual sections in Banner.

2. Do your research ahead of time!

It is important to know who is teaching the classes you are considering for your schedule. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean scouring Rate My Professors to see all the reviews, but it does mean asking people you trust for their opinions, especially those who have taken the class before. Rate My Professors is a good place to start, but you have to remember that people don’t usually write reviews unless they feel very strong about the class or professor, likely skewing the overall opinion.

3. Diversify your schedule.

Even though it may seem like a good idea to complete all of your business core classes in one semester, it is probably not the best idea. Instead, we recommend trying to take 2-3 classes within your major, whether that be your business core or specified courses, and 2-3 classes in your minor and elective courses. Mixing up your schedule will give you a constructive range of assignments throughout the semester; it won’t bog you down with just exams or papers. If you plan on going abroad, this advice might not apply to you, so make sure to check with your advisor beforehand.

4. Be prepared to take classes that are not at your ideal time!

Yes, we know it’s not ideal to be in an 8:00am, a Monday Friday from 2:00pm-3:15pm, or a night class, but sometimes these are the only options that fit in your schedule. Be prepared to make some scheduling compromises in order to be less disappointed if something doesn’t work out.

5. Don’t stress out if your class schedule is not finalized on the day of registration.

You make it to 7:45am and your class schedule is still not working – don’t stress. If you’re on the waitlist for a class, you can always try and email the professor to see if they can open a seat for you. If you can’t fit classes that you need this semester, make an appointment with your advisor. They can help you find replacement classes that count the same or help you get into the ones you need. Either way, it will be okay!

Best of luck, Bulldogs!

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